You Know You’ve Watched Pitch Perfect Too Many Times When…

  1. You realize that Beca apparently just left all her luggage by the taxi and walked to her room with just her laptop. (Don’t worry, it magically appears later.)

  2. You start wondering if the people sitting behind Aubrey and Chloe during the auditions scene with some tasty looking chips, an apple, an orange, and coffee are the representatives for the High Notes.

  3. You notice Cynthia Rose brought a microphone to auditions, but it’s not hooked up to a sound system. (Either that or she’s holding a black hairbrush for some reason.)

  4. You know everything that Lilly says in the movie.

  5. You wonder which person Fat Amy is referring to when she says, “she has man-hands,” as they walk away from the first practice.

  6. You’ve located where each Bella tied their individual scarves during the final routine.

  7. And you realize that Lilly has two scarves, somehow. (One tied around the mic and the other hanging from her back pocket.)

  8. You see that one of the guys in the BU Harmonics is wearing a Wicked shirt during the Riff Off.

  9. You’re sad when you realize the boy with the very impressive deep singing voice that sings, “Thanks to you, now I get – I get what I want,” with Fat Amy during auditions doesn’t get recruited by any group.

  10. You laugh when, at the beginning of the Riff Off, Jesse runs forward with the other Trebles to start but looks really confused until the others start singing.

  11. You watch the deleted scene where Bumper explains that Unicycle needs to stay because his abs attract their demographic and add a new layer of amusement at him dancing off stage while showing off his stomach at the end of the Treble’s final set.

  12. Your headcannon says that the reason Justin goes to talk to the BU Harmonics after the Trebles win the Riff Off is to explain that they were cut off with the Bellas because they joined in on No Diggity.

  13. You are insanely jealous of the sheer amount of shelf space Beca has in her dorm room.

  14. You feel happier when you realize that Fat Amy and the Bellas actually have fans in the crowd that cheer them on (specifically and by name) before and after their sets.

  15. You chuckle at the irony of the fact that Bumper never sings lead during the entire competitive season that the movie follows.

  16. You’re really curious what routine the Cowboy Hats group did at Regionals.

  17. It bugs you that there is not enough time between when Chloe stops humming to her music and switches to singing Party in the USA for the previous song to have ended and the track to have actually changed.

  18. You want to know who put holiday lights up in the Radio Station for Spring Break.

  19. You realize that when Beca finally watches the Breakfast Club, she takes the headphones off while the final song is just starting to play, so she still hasn’t watched the part of the movie Jesse is so obsessed with.

  20. You are somewhat concerned by the fact that when the Trebles are hanging out in the hot tub, the tv screen is showing women dusting a lamp seductively.

  21. You love that Barden has a Quidditch team and definitely think the Bellas should go play.

  22. You realize Unicycle actually brought his unicycle to regionals.

  23. It bothers you that there are eleven scarves on the table during the initiation ceremony for ten new girls. (Maybe that’s where Lilly got that second scarf?)

  24. You start wishing Mary Louis and Cori had stuck around.

  25. You start wondering if Jesse just carries a candle in his backpack all the time, or if he actually intended to use it right there in the very bright sunshine.

(I’m going to stop now. This could go on for a while.)

And as a final point:

  • You know you’ve watched Pitch Perfect… at all.. if you spent the entire movie expecting the cannon ship to be Beca and Chloe.   

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